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Start over (erase all content) in my cPanel account

Updated Apr 9th, 2021 at 14:44 BST

Here's how to erase all the content in your Linux Hosting account so you can start over with a new installation.

Required: Before you follow these steps: If you've got an SSL certificate for the account you need to uninstall that SSL certificate first.

Warning: Make and download copies of any content you want to keep. Erasing all the content in your account includes any backup files & email accounts.

From your client area go to:

Services -> My Services -> click on the green "Active" button -> Login to cPanel/Control Panel

In the account Dashboard, select Account Actions > Reset.

Read the message (we'll remind you what gets erased) and click Next. Type reset in the field and then click Reset Account. We'll erase everything in the account and then walk you through the new setup.