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Shared cPanel Migrations

Updated Aug 3rd at 07:22 BST

  1. What is happening? Why are we migrating your account?
  2. We will be performing this migration (cPanel – cPanel) as we have a newer, more stable platform that we will be implementing.

  3. Are you going to change the data centre?
  4. Our new hosting platform is located in a different data centre, which will either be Amsterdam or Strasbourg. You can find our full privacy policy here.

  5. Is my site being upgraded or migrated?
  6. Both, your website is being upgraded to our latest hosting platform, for this to happen we will migrate the content from the current hosting platform to the new platform and make the necessary changes for your website and services to continue running.

  7. What notifications will I receive?
  8. A general announcement email will be sent to all customers with a hosting account due to be upgraded advising migrations will start in 30 days. The email includes links to these FAQ’s which will serve to keep you updated with the latest information.

    7 days before an individual hosting account upgrade happens, an email will be sent giving a window of 7 days in which the hosting account will be upgraded. This email will include the specific information for the hosting account to be upgraded including the individual package being migrated and the new cPanel package being moved to.

    Successful upgrade emails will be sent within a 7-to-14-day window of migration, these emails will let you know the site has upgraded and everything is working as should be – now is a great time to check your website and login to see your new cPanel control panel.

    Incomplete upgrade emails will be sent within the same 7-to-14-day window, If for any reason the upgrade does not complete successfully, we will keep your website running on the current platform. Our team of operators will investigate each hosting package and look at the websites to see what the issue might be, we will then fix all problems that can be fixed and attempt the migration again – we will keep you updated during this period – your website will remain online while we work out the details for your account.

  9. What happens now?
  10. You will continue to access your control panel and hosting as normal through the Client Area. Keep an eye out for further emails from us advising you of the 7-day migration timings and migration completion.

  11. What are we going to migrate?
  12. Everything. We are aiming to migrate all your content including email accounts, databases etc. SSL certificates will be migrated in the background and continue to work until their expiration date.

  13. DNS settings
  14. If you have a domain or multiple domains using our nameservers, we will automatically point these to the new hosting platform. You can continue to manage your tsoHost cPanel DNS via the tsoHost Client Area after the migration is complete. You can access the tsoHost cPanel control panel via a link in your Client Area.

    If your domain is registered with another provider and you are not using our nameservers, you will need to update your A record (the IP address your website is pointed to) and direct that domain to the new platform. Please contact the company that manages your nameservers if you need assistance with this process. We will send your new IP address and a reminder to make the DNS changes once the migration is complete.

  15. Email clients:
  16. If you are using any type of an Email client, you’ll need to update the settings of it as well. You can check them from cPanel -> Email accounts -> Connect devices -> Mail Client Manual Settings. We recommend using Secure settings. If your domain doesn’t have an SSL certificate, please use the server hostnames instead of your domain name for Incoming/Outgoing server.

  17. Which features will not be available on the new platform?

    • Let's Encrypt:
    • Let’s Encrypt is not available for the new cPanel. You can purchase a full year certificate through tsoHost which will be automatically installed and configured. You can check them on our website. Some cPanel accounts include a free SSL certificate.

    • Backups:
    • As part of the hosting platform upgrade, we have a new and improved redundancy system in place which is backed up to our infrastructure. With this, we have removed the individual backup options previously available.

      If you prefer to manage and maintain your own backups this can be done by generating your own backups through cPanel and downloading them locally to your computer.

      Another option is to generate your own backups through cPanel and download them locally to your computer. You can do that as shown here here

  18. Will payments change?
  19. We will match the package resources of your current hosting plan to the closest available cPanel hosting plan. You can find out more about your equivalent package on our website.

    This does mean that your price will change – your new package price will be confirmed in your 7-day migration notice email and you will see the change in your first invoice after the upgrade. The new platform features upgraded services that are faster, more intuitive and feature filled to increase your productivity.

  20. Will any passwords be changed – email accounts, FTP accounts?
  21. Yes, for your security reasons, all passwords will need to be updated - this ensures your password follows the latest safety standards and encryption methods.

    You will need to update your mail accounts and FTP accounts passwords. You will be able to do that from your new cPanel account, which you will be able to access following these steps from your tsoHost Client Area: my.tsohost.com -> Services -> My Services -> Service in question -> Active -> Login to cPanel

    Once you are logged into cPanel, you can update your email account’s password or your FTP account’s password.

  22. Is it possible to schedule migrations outside business hours, for example overnight and weekends?
  23. No, unfortunately we can’t schedule the migration of accounts for specific time. You will receive a notification email 7 days prior to your 7 day migration window and another email immediately after the migration is completed.