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Pointing an external domain to your hosting

Updated Apr 30th, 2021 at 12:24 BST

If you have acquired your domain from another registrar, you would need to point it to your hosting with us. This can be achieved by accessing your domain management, then updating your A record with the IP address of the server where your new hosting account resides.

You can check the correct IP address by accessing your cPanel account from your Control Panel -> cPanel Admin -> Shared IP Address

If you wish to use our mail service, your MX record should be also updated with the hostname of your new server and be made with priority 0. You can check that hostname when you access your cPanel and take a look at the URL bar. The hostname is the first address in the URL bar that ends with :2083

This change will make you receive all your future emails in the email accounts you have created with us.

Note that there would be a propagation time between 24-48h when you update your DNS records.