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Can anyone else access my account?

Updated Dec 8th, 2017 at 10:47 GMT

No one else can access your account, as long as you keep your passwords safe and secure. Always keep you passwords between us and yourselves, unless you have trusted associates that need access the your hosting account. Passwords should always be above 8 letters in length and contain letters, numbers and symbols - you should also change your password every 30 days.

As the hosting company we have full access to the account for administration and support purposes, we have strict data compliance rules and are legally bound to not share your information or make any change to your site content without suitable request from a listed account owner.

You are able to add contacts to your account, and we give you a number of options on what access you would like your contacts to have.  We can consult with your contacts on matters regarding your hosting account, but we always pay strict attention to what permissions you have given them.

If you have a web developer working on your website, it's common that they will need control panel or FTP access, among other things regarding the development of your website. You can share your password with your web developer, but it's worth checking their rules on compliance with data protection, along with your contract terms.

If you wish to access or change any of your personal information or passwords, please create a support ticket from your client area. This is automatically verified and the quickest way to make this form of change. Feel free to call us for any queries, but you may be asked to create a ticket when dealing with sensitive information.