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Web Hosting Plus migration to OH - Frequently Asked Questions

Updated Mar 29th, 2022 at 14:26 BST

My Web Hosting Plus plan is being migrated

Why are you migrating my websites?

We're retiring our old hosting platform and migrating your websites to our latest hosting platform. This includes all-new server hardware with NVMe SSDs, PHP OPCache, and many other optimizations to dramatically improve page load times by nearly 20% (compared to our old server platform).

When will my migration happen?

We will send you 30 days of communication starting on 20.01.2022 and afterward a follow-up 7 days prior to the migration will go. We aim to start the migration around 20.02.2022 and once done you will receive the final third email with thorough details.

Can I reschedule my migration?

Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate requests to reschedule individual migrations.

Can I upgrade my plan prior to the migration?

If possible, we strongly recommend that you do not upgrade your Web Hosting Plus plan prior to your migration - especially after you receive your “7-days to migration” email. Otherwise, you may not be migrated to the new and improved Web Hosting Plus plans.

Will my websites experience any downtime during the migration?

No. There should be no service interruption or downtime.

Will the cost of my plan increase because of this migration?

No. Your cost will not increase because of this migration.

Will I need to take any action after the migration?

Once the migration has been completed, if you have a domain or multiple domains using our nameservers, we will attempt to update your DNS records to point to the migrated server. If we can do this, there will be no post-migration actions for you.

If we cannot update your DNS (for example, your DNS is not hosted with tsoHost), we’ll send you instructions of what you need to do once the migration has been completed.

Your old IP address will continue to work for only a short period of time after migration. We will require you to take immediate action once you receive the post-migration emails to ensure there is no loss of connectivity to your site.

If you are using an email client, such as Outlook, Thunderbird, or Mac mail, you will also need to update your server settings immediately after the migration.

Can I make changes to my sites during the time of the migration?

Yes. All changes will be applied.