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How to transfer your domain name from Dreamhost

Updated Oct 31st, 2017 at 12:58 GMT

This guide gives you the process to transfer a domain from Dreamhost.

Note: Before initiating the domain transfer please ensure your contact information is correct. In the Dreamhost control panel go to Domains > Registrations and check the box for the domain in the ‘Modify Whois?’ column and then click the ‘Modify whois!’ button. In the ‘Modify contact information’ section, check your details are correct.

1. Log in to your Dreamhost web panel

2. Go to Domains click Registrations

3. Click the Yes link in the Locked column and confirm you want to unlock the domain (if it says No move to step 4)

4. Go to Domains > Reg. Transfer

5. Scroll to the bottom of the page to see your domain registrations and instructions on how to obtain their Authorisation codes

6. Depending on your TLD type, you will either be able to reveal your EPP code or have it sent to the Registrant contact address

7. Place your domain transfer with Tsohost by visiting the transfer domains page. Enter your domain in the transfer existing domain box and click transfer. Follow and complete the three stage checkout process

8. You will receive an email once the transfer has been initiated, to confirm the transfer

9. Reply quoting the authorisation code, confirming the transfer