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How to add a "catch-all mailbox"

Updated Oct 31st, 2017 at 11:40 GMT

A catch-all email address receives any mail (sent to your domain name) that isn't addressed to a mailbox. Catch-all mailboxes do tend to attract spam but they are useful if you need to access mail sent to deactivated accounts. To add a catch-all mailbox to your account, log in to the control panel (https://control.gridhost.co.uk) and select the website/domain that you'd like to add the mailbox to.

Click the Email icon and then click the icon to create a forwarder.

The forwarder should be *@yourdomain.co.uk (the asterisk is a wildcard) > anothermailbox@yourdomain.co.uk

This will turn anothermailbox@yourdomain.co.uk into a catch-all mailbox.