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Find and replace with a WordPress plugin

Updated May 5th, 2021 at 13:15 BST

The easiest option for replacing data within your WordPress database is to use a plugin. They're useful for changing the domain, or any other information for your WordPress site. A common plugin used for this is Search & Replace by Inpsyde.

Log in to your WordPress admin area.

Search for and install the Search & Replace plugin.

Activate the plugin.

Go to Tools > Search & Replace.

Under the Backup Database tab, click on Create SQL File. Note: This will create a backup of your database before making any changes.

Pick a set of steps based on what you need to replace:

Change WordPress domain URL

Click on the Replace Domain URL tab.

Enter your new domain into the 'Replace with' field.

Click Do Replace Domain/Url.

Replace other data

Click on the Search & Replace tab.

Fill out the 'Search for' field with the data you want to be replaced.

Fill out the 'Replace with' field with the new data.

Click Do Search & Replace.