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Updated Feb 16th, 2022 at 13:38 GMT

  1. How to activate your SSL service?

  2. You need to use the SSL Control Panel via your client area in order to request your certificate.

  3. How to login to the SSL control panel?

  4. Access the Control Panel
    1. Go to your tsoHost Client area
    2. Go to Services → my Services
    3. Select the exact certificate in the product list
    4. Click "login to Control panel"
  5. How to Request my Certificate?

    1. Click "login to Control panel"
    2. On the Certificate setup page, click Choose a domain and Start typing your domain name and click Continue
      1. If the domain name is in the customer's tsoHost account, it should be in the dropdown list
      2. If the domain is not in the customer's to host account, enter the full domain
    3. A Private Key and Certificate Signing Request (CSR) will appear below the domain name
      1. make sure you download and stores both files before continuing to the next screen
    4. You will need to prove domain control before requesting your certificate. Simply select all the checkbox options and press Continue.
      1. If Domain Control Verification is required, we will send you the instructions via email and they will appear as a later step on the screen. (For more information, see How to validate your Domain name)
      2. Otherwise, nothing more is needed to complete the Domain Control
    5. Read the Subscriber Agreement, select the checkbox for I agree to the terms and conditions of the Subscriber Agreement, and select Continue
  6. How to Request my certificate?

    1. More information about how to request SSL Certificate from your SSL CP (control panel). More information
  7. How to Verify my certificate request?

    1. You need to prove your domain ownership. More information
  8. Which one is the recommended method for domain validation?

    1. It is recommended to proceed with TXT validation (DNS record). More information
  9. How to re-issue SSL Certificate for www & root domain?

    1. When an SSL Certificate is issued only for the domain "www" version (www.domain.com) or vice versa for the "root" version (domain.com) you can proceed and activate domain validation again and validate the SSL Certificate with DNS TXT record which will issue your SSL Certificate for both of your domain versions. More information
  10. How to download the certificate?

    1. To proceed with the installation please note you need to download the SSL certificate first. More information
  11. How to install the certificate on cPanel?

    1. Please note the installation is linked to the Hosting Control Panel, not to the SSL Control Panel. More information
  12. How to install the certificate on different platforms?

    - More information
  13. How to change the domain name for a certificate once is issued?

    - More information
  14. How to rekey the certificate?

    - More information
  15. How to redirect my website to load via HTTPS?

    1. The SSL certificate does not include HTTPS configuration as part of the service. More information
  16. How to cancel your pending SSL certificate request?

    - More information