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Reset database user passwords in my cPanel Hosting

Updated Apr 6th, 2021 at 15:35 BST

If you can't log in to your Database related to your website you can try resetting the user's password by following these steps:

Go to your TsoHost Client Area: https://my.tsohost.com/clientarea.php Go to Services. Click on My Services. Select the cPanel service in question. Click on the Login to cPanel button. Click on the cPanel Admin button.

Once you are logged in cPanel Home page, navigate to the Databases section and click MySQL Databases. In the Current Users section, next to the user whose password you want to modify, click Change Password. Enter the new password details, and then click Change Password.

Note: If you use a MySQL-based application, such as WordPress®, you must update your connection strings to use the new password, which you can do from your wp-config file.

More info: For help, see the cPanel documentation for MySQL Databases from here: https://docs.cpanel.net/cpanel/databases/mysql-databases/