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Update theme and plugins

Updated May 7th, 2021 at 14:54 BST

To make sure your Managed WordPress site is safe from security issues and that it's operating at the fastest speed, you should update the theme and plugins for the site when available. If your theme and plugins aren't kept up-to-date, they may not always be compatible with the most current version of WordPress.

Note: If you have only one or two Managed WordPress sites, in your WordPress Sites list you'll see a notification that an update is required.

If you have more than two Managed WordPress websites, you can check for updates on the site's Settings page.

Go to your TsoHost Client Area account.

Navigate to Services -> My Services -> select the Managed WordPress service -> click on Login to Server

From the Dashboard simply click on the Edit Site button located in the upper-right corner.

In your WordPress Dashboard click on Updates.

You would see all available updates there.