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How to transfer your domain name from WordPress.com

Updated Oct 31st, 2017 at 12:58 GMT

This easy to follow step by step guide will allow you to transfer your domain from WordPress to Tsohost with ease.

All Domain Names

1. Log in to your WordPress.com dashboard

2. Cancel private registration (if you don’t have private registration continue to the next step ). To do this go to 'Store' then 'My Upgrades', find the domain you want to transfer, and click Cancel Private Registration. Click Cancel Private Registration to confirm and cancel the private registration.

3. Go to store then click Domains 

4. Under domain administration, in the drop down menu select transfer ownership to another registrar. Click Next Step

5. Note down your customer number, and type a password you want to use with your domain manager into both boxes. Click Save Password. (This password is used just for managing your WordPress.com domains)

5. Click Transfer Ownership to Another Registrar again from the menu, and click Next Step

6. Click Manage Your Domains

7. Log in using your customer number and the password you just created to log in to the domain manager

8. Select the domain you want to transfer

9. To unlock your domain navigate to domain Settings, find the line starting with Lock, and click Manage next to that line. Switch it from On to Off and click Save to proceed

10. Then under the line starting with Authorisation Code click Email My Code. A confirmation will pop up, click Send. Your authorisation code will then be sent to the email address you entered when you registered the domain

11. Place your domain transfer to Tsohost by visiting the 'Transfer Domains Page'. Enter your domain in the 'Transfer Existing Domain' box and click Transfer. Follow and complete the 4 stage checkout process

12. Enter your Authorisation Code (EPP key) in the ‘Transfer Request’ email you receive from the Transfer

13. Once the Authorisation Code (EPP Key) is entered your transfer will be processed and completed within a few day