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What are the differences between Let’s Encrypt and the other SSLs available

Updated Oct 31st, 2017 at 12:10 GMT

While the SSL Certificates on our site and Let’s Encrypt offer the same level of 256-bit (2048 bit-key) encryption, there are some notable differences which are hugely beneficial to enterprise businesses:


Site Seal- Let’s Encrypt Certificates do not include the globally recognised site seal which provides additional reassurance to users.


Warranty  - Unlike Let’s Encrypt Certificates our SSL Certificates offer your customers an additional comfort by protecting their purchases with a warranty. By issuing you with an SSL we guarantee to your customer that you are a real entity.  This guarantee leads to a more confident customer who is more likely to use their credit card to make a purchase on your site.


Green Address Bar - Our EV Premium SSL turns a user browser address bar green. This clearly signifies to shopper that the personal data they share with your site is encrypted.

Continuity- Unlike the SSLs offered on our site, Let’s Encrypt is a crowd funded initiative meaning meaning if they choose not to renew or discontinue certificates this is not something we can control.