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What are the differences between Let’s Encrypt and the other SSLs available

Updated Jan 22nd, 2020 at 11:21 GMT

While the SSL Certificates on our site and Let’s Encrypt offer the same level of 256-bit (2048 bit-key) encryption, there are some notable differences which are hugely beneficial to enterprise businesses:

 Duration  - With our certificates, there is no need to follow up if your SSL is renewed in 3 months. Unlike the SSLs offered on our site, Let’s Encrypt is a crowd funded initiative meaning if they choose not to renew or discontinue certificates this is not something we can control.

The free certificates are  not compatible with all browsers and platforms. 

 Our customer support  - You can call us or contact our live chat for any troubleshooting reasons. Also, we will always assist with the Let's Encrypt requests, however, we cannot guarantee the performance in general.

 Site Seal - Let’s Encrypt Certificates do not include the globally recognized site seal which provides additional reassurance to users.

 Warranty   - Unlike Let’s Encrypt Certificates our SSL Certificates offer your customers an additional comfort by protecting their purchases with a warranty. By issuing you with an SSL we guarantee to your customer that you are a real entity.  This guarantee leads to a more confident customer who is more likely to use their credit card to make a purchase on your site.

 Green Address Bar  - Our EV Premium SSL turns a user's browser address bar in green. This clearly signifies to shopper that the personal data they share with your site is encrypted. In some of the browsers, the address bar is marked as grey. Also, note you may no longer see Extended Validation Certificate indicators for websites in the URL bar in some of the browsers, however, they will show EV information in the Page Info dialog.