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Restore Professional Email user accounts

Updated Oct 13th, 2021 at 15:10 BST

You can restore a user email account up to 14 days after its deletion date. Accounts can only be restored to the same or a higher plan.

  1. Sign in to your Tso Client Area: - Services - My Services - Finally, select the service in question.
  2. Select Add user.
    Add user button with person icon
  3. Choose the same domain as the email account that was deleted, then select Continue.
  4. Enter the same Email address as the deleted account.
  5. Enter a First name and Last name (they don't need to be the same as the deleted account).
  6. For the Account type, choose the same or a higher plan type. You might see an error if you choose a lower plan than what the previous account used.
  7. Enter the following:
    • Account Permissions: Your permissions will restore to what the account was before. So, if the Professional Email account was connected to your tsoHost account, it will restore as connected again.
    • Password: If this account is for you, or you want to create a password for the user, enter a password. This can be what was previously used or something completely different.
    • Send account info to: Any account info, like when it's done being set up, will be sent to the email address(es) used in the previous account.
  8. Select Create.
  9. You'll be asked if you want to restore the account. Choose Yes, restore, and then select Ok.
    Selected Yes, restore jane@coolexample.com

It can take up to a day for the account to be restored. We'll email you when the account is ready using the address(es) entered in Send account info to.