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How can I create feature lists in my WHM reseller account?

Updated Oct 31st, 2017 at 12:43 GMT

If you are one of our cPanel/WHM based reseller account customers, or need to customise accounts on your VPS, knowing how to set feature lists will save you from needing to manually set them for each new account.

But first, What is a Feature List?

A Feature List is a number of available features or additional services that you can enable, or disable, on a cPanel account. Features you can choose to enable or disable include

  • The ability to change the MX record
  • Enabling Awstats (statistics software)
  • Access to the Backup vault
  • Access to the File manager
  • Access to MySQL
  • Access to Webmail

and many more besides. Put simply, you can allow or deny access to any of cPanel's wealth of features as you see fit.

To create a feature list, log in to WHM, type “Feature” in the search bar found in the top left and click “Feature Manager”.

From here you can Add a new feature list, Edit a feature list or Delete a feature list.

Once you have created a feature list, you can link it to a Package by editing the package you want to link it to, and then setting that package to use the feature list.

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