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Use IMAP settings to add my email address to an email client

Updated Oct 12th, 2021 at 14:02 BST

Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP) lets you access email stored on a server from multiple devices. If you have an IMAP-enabled email, you can set it up in pretty much any email client, on whatever computer or device you want.

These are generic instructions to help you add your email address to a desktop email client. For specific articles for adding your email address to your mobile or desktop, scroll down to the Related steps section in this article.

Open your chosen email client and go to the create a new email account form. Locate the IMAP settings area (also called manual configuration). Enter the following (you need to enter one incoming port and one outgoing port):

            Incoming (IMAP):
            993 (SSL) or  143

            Outgoing (SMTP):
            465 (SSL) 587 (TSL/SSL - Mac)   80, 3535 or 25

            Email address 

            Email password 

Depending on your email client, you'll be asked for more info or email client preferences. You should be asked to save your settings.

Note: Our servers may use different names for folders than the client you're setting up. You may need to map folders, to get them to sync properly. We recommend searching the Internet for instructions on correctly mapping your folders, for your specific client.

More info: If you're upgrading from POP to IMAP, you won't lose your previous email data.