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How can I preview a WordPress website?

Updated Oct 31st, 2017 at 12:28 GMT

If you move a WordPress website with us, you will want to check that it works with us correctly before 

you point the domain live to us.

This is very easy with us.

1. Make sure your Wordpress files and databases are added

As per our other guides, you need to have WordPress installed in your web space. This might involve a 

migration from elsewhere, or alternatively you could install a fresh WordPress (if you were not doing a 


2. In our control panel click ‘Website Preview’

In the hosting control panel, go to Basic Management Tools and then click ‘Website Preview’. On the 

next page, click ‘Enable Preview’

Once enabled you will have a preview URL. 

3. Switch Wordpress to preview mode

Now we need to make Wordpress run off the preview URL. If we do not do this then it will keep running 

from the actual domain URL, which probably will not work yet. Click the Wordpress Preview tab.

Now select your install from the drop down and hit ‘Go’

Once done, you can now access the Wordpress site on your preview URL, which you can see under the 

Website Preview tab.