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How to re-issue SSL Certificate for www & root domain

Updated Jan 26th, 2022 at 14:49 GMT

When an SSL Certificate is issued only for the domain "www" version (www.domain.com) or vice versa for the "root" version (domain.com) you can proceed and activate domain validation again and validate the SSL Certificate with DNS TXT record which will issue your SSL Certificate for both of your domain versions.

Warning: If you use the HTML method, the certificate will only be validated for the directory that the HTML file is saved to. For example, if you save the HTML file to your website's root directory the certificate will be valid for coolexample.com, but it will not be validated for www.coolexample.com. If you want your certificate to be validated for both the root domain and www., use the DNS method to prove your domain control.

How to trigger domain validation#

  1. Go to your tsoHost Client area.
  2. Go to Services → my Services.
  3. Select the exact certificate in product list.
  4. Click "login to Control panel"
  5. Request an SSL certificate
  6. Select "Change the site that your certificate protects."
  7. Request an SSL certificate
  8. Select "Change to a different domain" and enter the version of your domain for which the certificate was not issued (if it is issued for "www" enter the "root" domain, if it is issued for "root" enter the domain with its "www" version.)
  9. Request an SSL certificate
  10. Select Add Change.
  11. Request an SSL certificate
  12. Select Submit All Changes.
  13. Request an SSL certificate