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How to transfer your domain name from Easyspace

Updated Oct 31st, 2017 at 12:58 GMT

This easy to follow step by step guide will allow you to transfer your domain from Easyspace.

Note: To transfer an Easyspace domain to Tsohost you must pay Easyspace a £15 domain transfer fee. 

Note: For some domain names there is a fee for transferring in. Tsohost do not make any money from this payment and the money is used to extend the expiry date of the domain name being transferred by 1 year. 

1. Log in to your Easyspace account

2. Click Service Management and select Transfer Management

3. Click Transfer Away

4. Call Easyspace and request a licence Key

5. Once you have obtained the licence key click select the domain you want to transfer and enter the licence key

6. On the next page click Extend from the drop down list. To pay Easyspace for the transfer follow the instructions

7. Place your domain transfer to Tsohost by visiting the Transfer Domains Page. Enter your domain in the Transfer Existing Domain box and click Transfer. Follow and complete the 4 stage checkout process

8. Enter your Auth Code (EPP key) in the ‘Transfer Request’ email you receive. Once the Auth Code (EPP Key) is entered your transfer will be processed and completed within a few days