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Connect to my Managed WordPress server with SSH (Secure Shell)

Updated May 6th, 2021 at 14:44 BST

Once you've enabled SSH on your Managed WordPress account, follow these general steps to connect via SSH using a client.

Note: The exact steps for connecting via SSH depend on the SSH client you use (we suggest PuTTy for Windows, or Terminal for macOS). For more info, see the documentation for PuTTy or Terminal.

Before you follow these steps, you need this info:

Your domain name or IP address.

Your primary SFTP username (steps 1-5).

Your primary SFTP password (steps 1-5).

You would also need to activate your SSH functionality from your Managed WordPress Dashboard, which you can do from your Dashboard navigate to Tools from the right-hand toolbar and turn on SSH. You can also copy your SSH/SFTP password and SFTP/SSH Username from the same toolbar.

Got all that info? Let's get started!

Launch the SSH client.

Enter the host (your domain name or IP address) and port 22 to establish the SSH connection.

When prompted, enter your primary SFTP username and password.

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