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Can I add other people as contacts to my account?

Updated Dec 8th, 2017 at 10:47 GMT

Your Client Area will give you the ability to add a contact to your account.

This is something we recommend if you have an IT Department, Web Developer, someone who manages your hosting or anyone who may need to contact us for support regarding your account.

The reason for this is to verify that the person we are speaking with or making a change to the account for is a verified contact on the account.

How to add a new contact

To add a Contact to your account you can do so by logging into your Client Area and doing the following:

- On the right hand side select My Details

- On the drop down of My Details, you can click on Add New Contact

- Fill in the short form with the contacts details

Activate Sub Account

You will have the option to tick Activate Sub-Account, this will allow the contact to login to your Client Area if you wish for them to do so.

Once you tick this option you will be able to set Permissions on the Sub-Account.

Set Email Preferences

This will allow you to tick email preferences for any emails regarding your account that you wish to be forwarded on to your clients email as well as your own.