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Scope of Support

Updated Dec 7th, 2021 at 10:07 GMT

Scope of Support – Self-Managed and Fully-Managed VPS #

Overview  #

This  Scope of Support is not intended as, and does not constitute, a binding agreement by either you or tsoHost and is merely intended to specify some of the proposed guidelines of tsoHost’s support levels on products we sell. This Scope of Support is subject to change at any time at the sole discretion of tsoHost without notice to You. Some of the products and services listed below may not be available in all markets. 

Supported:  #

  1. Purchasing or renewing servers 
  2. Explaining our server features and benefits 
  3. Resetting the root password 
  4. Provisioning your server 
  5. Fully managed hardware 
  6. Accessing your server via root/administrative access 
  7. Providing you the steps to migrate your hosting 
  8. Self-Managed with cPanel or Plesk control panel: 
  9. Providing resources for installing your SSL certificate on Plesk (Let’s Encrypt) and cPanel 1  
  10. Backing up content and data on server2 
  11. Helping with core navigation of cPanel & WHM or Plesk hosting control panels 
  12. Explaining how to create custom DNS zone files 
  13. Provide settings and resources for configuring your email client 
  14. Provide basic steps to connect to FTP via Filezilla 
  15. As part of a server purchase tsoHost support may assist with the following:  Provisioning your new server (naming your server, choosing your data centre and setting up credentials) 
  16. Providing the correct settings and help with connecting to your server via SSH or RDC or Control Panel± 
  17. Creating your first cPanel or Plesk subscription± 
  18. Providing the default DNS settings to connect your domain to your VPS or Dedicated Server 
  19. Provide the settings to connect to your cPanel or Plesk via FTP± 
  20. Provide resources for managing PHP on your VPS or Dedicated server± 
  21. Provide steps to reset your admin password via tsoHost hosting interface 
  22. Providing resources for managing services on your server± 
  23. Providing resources for setting up custom nameservers and DNS± 
  24. How to create and restore from snapshots ¤ 
  25. While this list is not exhaustive it is the limit of what tsoHost commits to supporting for your self-managed server with or without control panel. 

    Fully-Managed 8,9:
  1. Purchasing or renewing servers 
  2. Explaining our server features and benefits 
  3. Resetting the root password 
  4. Provisioning your server in minutes 
  5. Troubleshooting network performance and uptime 
  6. Fully managed hardware 
  7. Accessing your server via root/administrative access 
  8. Providing you the steps to migrate your hosting 
  9. Installing your  SSL certificate on Plesk (Let’s Encrypt) and cPanel (Auto SSL) - 1
  10. Updating and patching core operating system 
  11. Backing up content and data on server - 2
  12. Setting up your server 
  13. Providing dedicated ticket support line 24x7x365 
  14. All services listed in expert services - 6 
  15. Up to 5 website migrations during initial setup of the server – up to four (4) basic migrations, and one (1) eCommerce migration, as described on www.tsohost.com/move-to-tsohost 
    Expert Services.

    The list below is an indication of Expert Services that tsoHost may be able to support.  It is subject to change and tsoHost does not guarantee that it will be able to support each, or all of the Expert Services listed below:6,8

  1. Providing dedicated ticket support 24x7x365 
  2. DNS Setup 
  3. Domain Setup 
  4. Advanced Performance Analysis 
  5. Intrusion Prevention 
  6. Custom Firewall Rules (Windows Firewall or iptables only) - 4
  7. Application or Software Installs 
  8. Database Management 
  9. PHP Version Upgrade 
  10. PHP Module Installation 
  11. Connection String Repair 
  12. Disk Space Audit 
  13. .htaccess file changes 
  14. Permissions and Ownership Audit 
  15. PHP Configuration Changes 
  16. Server Hardening 
  17. web.config file changes 
  18. SQL Server Express Installation 
  19. Disable WHM 2-Factor Authentication 
  20. MySQL Configuration Changes 
  21. Search and Replace 
  22. Email Spam Review 


Not Supported:  #

  1. Troubleshooting any client, script, application or content installed by customer 
  2. Control panel (Parallels Plesk or cPanel/WHM) plugins & add-ons 
  3. Applications in the Parallels Plesk Application Vault and/or cPanel Application Catalog 
  4. Training about the Internet5 
  5. Configuring your website’s SEO settings 
  6. Configuring your email client 
  7. Configuring your FTP client 
  8. Checking for cross browser compatibility 
  9. Fixing hacks due to customer-controlled vectors 

± Only applicable for servers provisioned with cPanel or Plesk control panels ¤ Applies to VPS servers only 

  1. SSL installation is available as a paid service when a cPanel or Plesk control panel is provisioned with your server. This does not include command line, Tomcat, or IIS SSL installations. For alternative installation scenarios, tsoHost may have other paid solutions. 
  2. Self-managed servers provisioned with a cPanel or Plesk control panel include the ability to run backups, but must be manually run. Exception: Dedicated Servers:  The responsibility for maintaining backups for both snapshot and disaster recovery is the sole responsibility of the customer7 
  3. Additional fees may apply 
  4. Iptables rules such as opening port 3306 for direct MySQL access or blocking an IP from accessing the server. 
  5. We do not provide training or education on the operation of any aspect of Internet technology. It is expected that you will have a basic understanding of Internet concepts such as DNS, email, web, web browsers, FTP, and general computer literacy. 
  6. Expert Services are an excellent resource to allow you to pay for common server administrative tasks that can be time consuming or require a special area of expertise while maintaining overall control of your server. Tasks are a one-time fee per service request instead of a monthly fee as with the Fully Managed plans. Expert Services are currently only available for servers provisioned with a cPanel or Plesk control panel.

Data Backup: The customer is responsible for executing and maintaining current data backups. We maintain our own data backups for any given server only in the event of disaster. We typically have up to 7 days data retention available; however, we do not guarantee the availability or restoration of any lost data. Restoration of data can be requested from our Support team by raising a support ticket. 

Fully Managed Support and Expert Services are available in the English-language only. 

Fully Managed Support will not proactively search for malware, nor can the team provide any malware scanning or removal services without the Website Security package being purchased for the domain/website in question. If the team is provided a location for the malware, FMS can remove it.