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Reseller guide to using WHM

Updated Oct 31st, 2017 at 12:44 GMT

When you sign up for a Reseller account you will be given a login to access a platform called WHM. This allows you to manage the websites on your account including creating new accounts, modifying the account limits and even suspending/terminating accounts. Here are some basic instructions on how to use the primary features on WHM.


Creating a new cPanel account.#

There is a search box on the top right hand corner (its a small text box with an orange magnifying glass icon next to it).

Type “Create a New Account” into the search box and you will get an option appear called “Create a New Account”. Click on this to load the account creation form.

You now need to enter the account information into the form. The first section is the domain information which includes the website name, username and password as well as an admin email address (this is an optional field).

The next set of fields allow you to select the package you want to associate with the account. If you've not created an account yet or you want to manually assign specific settings to the account such as giving them a set amount of disk space, bandwidth or number of hourly emails the account can send.

There is also another tick box in this area that allows you to save these settings as a separate package, in case you want to assign them to another account quickly in the future.

After you've filled in the form the account will be created and added to your server. If you wish to view the accounts that are hosted on your account you can type "List Accounts" into the WHM search box and click on the link that appears to bring up a page that lists all of the accounts currently on your server.


Modifying Accounts#

if you want to swap packages for an account or want to manually modify the amount of storage space or bandwith an account has access to then you can use the “Modify Account” option.

Type “Modify an Account” into the search box and select the link that appears.

The next screen that appears will have a box in the centre of it which lists all of the domains/accounts hosted on the server. You can click on any of these and then click the blue “Modify” button.

This will display all of the current settings on the account. You can tweak these to your liking to increase or decrease them as you see fit. Once you are finished tweaking the account click the blue "Save" button at the bottom of the page to save any changes you have amde.


Handling Account Packages via WHM#

You can create or edit packages via WHM to assign to your cPanel accounts by doing the following.

Type “Add a Package” in the search field in WHM and then click the link that pops up.

Type a package name so you can easily identify the package in the future. You can use names like “Small”, “Medium” and “Large” to easily differentiate the packages when assigning them to accounts.

The Resources form allows you to tweak the package in many different ways to configure the package. Here you can define the amount of disk space the account has, the maximum number of email accounts-databases-add on domains etc. the user can add as well as the maximum number of emails a user can send in an hour.

Typing “Edit a Package” in the WHM search field will bring up a edit package screen where you can select an existing package. This gives you access to the same package form as you would get in the “Add a Package” screen and you can tweak any of the package settings to your liking.

Typing “Delete a Package” in the WHM search bar brings up a page that allows you to remove any package from the server. Please note that before you can delete a package from the server you will firstly need to move any accounts that use that package onto another package (otherwise you will get the following error message: "You must move all accounts using the package to another package before it can be removed!")


Deleting/Terminating an Account#

If you want to completely remove an account from the server you can type “Terminate an Account” into the search box and click on the link that appears.

This will take you to a page with a big box in the middle of it where you can highlight an account and click the “Terminate” button to completely remove the account from your server.

You can tick the “Keep DNS Zone” button if you want to keep the DNS Entry for the domain on our servers. You'd want to tick this box if you have had the website moved from one server to another as not keeping the DNS zone would cause the website and email accounts to break.

NOTE: doing this will completely delete all the content of the site from the server, do not do this if you do not want to completely remove the account and all of its content from the server. It is always worth taking a backup of the website data just in the off chance that you may need the data in the future.


SSH/Shell Access#

If you need to access your server through the command line for any reason you will first need to make sure Shell access has been enabled for your account. This should be done by us as part of the setup process but if you don't have access the first step is to type “Manage Shell Access” into the search box in WHM.

On this page you will be able to view all of the accounts that you have on your server and enable or disable Shell access for the accounts from here. If you do need Shell access it is worth enabling “Normal Shell” access as this gives you a greater level of permissions in the command line.

To connect to the server via the SSH you will need to use a program such as Putty if you are on a Windows based machine or the Terminal command line program if you are on a Linux or Mac based computer.

Your cPanel user details will be your username and password and your server name will be your destination. The port you will be connecting to will normally be 22 unless you have specifiied a specific port to be used for SSH access when the server was configured by us.

For example, the type of command you would use to access SSH would be:

ssh -p 22 $cpaneluser@$servername.eqx.misp.co.uk


If you need to suspend a certain account on your server (for example: for non payment of a bill) you can do so by typing “Manage Account Suspension” in the search box. Clicking on the link will bring up a box that lists all the websites on your server. You can click on any of the websites and then click the “suspend” button to suspend the account. This takes down the customers website and stops the email addresses from working as well. When someone visits the customer website while the account is suspended they will get a WHM “Account Suspended” page instead of the live website.

To unsuspend a website you need to go to the “Manage Account Suspension” page and select the suspended website. Now click on the “Unsuspend” button to reverse the suspension. This change is almost instant and after click the Unsuspend” button the customer website and emails will start working again almost instantly.

Note: If you just want to view the suspended accounts on the server but don't want to cycle through the entire list of accounts on the server you can alternatively use the “List Account Suspension” option from within WHM which will allow you to just view accounts that have been suspended on the server.