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Rekey my certificate

Updated Apr 21st, 2021 at 11:07 BST

You should re-key your SSL certificate when:

  • Your server crashes.

  • You lose your private key.

  • You move your website to a new server.

  • You change your SSL's domain


  • Before you can re-key your SSL certificate, you must generate a new certificate signing request (CSR) from your Web server.

  • Don't revoke unless you are certain you want to cancel the existing certificate. When you revoke, the SSL credit is canceled, and you can't re-key the certificate.

  • You need to download and install your new certificate within 72 hours of re-keying your certificate to keep your server secure when the old certificate is terminated.
  1. Go to your tsoHost Client area

  2. Go to Services → my Services

  3. Select the exact certificate in product list

  4. Click "login to Control panel"

  5. Select Rekey your certificate.

  6. In the Certificate Signing Request (CSR) field, paste your new CSR, including ----BEGIN NEW CERTIFICATE REQUEST---- and ----END CERTIFICATE REQUEST----, and then select Add Change.

  7. Select Submit All Changes.

Your newly re-keyed certificate will become available shortly after submitting the new CSR, and we'll email you when the certificate is available.

Next steps

  • After you receive the issuance email, you need to download your newly keyed certificate.

  • You must install the SSL certificate within 72 hours of issuance to keep your server secure.

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