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Decommission of the Gridhost platform FAQ

Updated Nov 10th, 2022 at 12:22 GMT

When is this happening?

We will close the Gridhost platform on the 10th of November 2022.

Why is this happening?

As we grow our business and focus our resources on providing the best products and services for our customers, we are cutting back on products that, although once pioneering, are becoming obsolete as alternatives become available.

What will happen with the access my old package after 10th of November 2022?

After the final date 10th of November 2022 your Cloud control panel will be inaccessible. Please make sure to complete all your actions at least 10 days before the final date.

Are we going to receive any notifications/reminders about it?

Yes. We will send you notices/reminders via email on the following dates:
♦45 day: 26th September 2022♦
♦30 day: 11th October 2022♦
♦14 day: 27th October 2022♦
♦7 Day: 3rd November 2022♦
♦1 Day: 9th November 2022♦

What can I do, if I want to keep my sites' content and emails with tsoHost?

Option A:

You can choose the most suitable plan for you and order it via our website.

Usually, we recommend our shared cPanel Web hosting plans as the most suitable ones for our Gridhost customers - you can find more information here: https://www.tsohost.com/promo/web-hosting

You can check our promo list for suitable and user-friendly WordPress plans too - https://www.tsohost.com/wordpress-hosting

Once you have your new plan selected and ordered, here you can find a few easy steps on how to migrate a website from Gridhost to the newly purchased cPanel platform.

Step 1: Create FTP Account - find out how HERE
Step 2: Add your FTP details
Step 3: Download and connect to Cloud FTP (for example you can use FileZilla ) so you need to download the content to your local computer
Step 4: Log in to your current Database
Step 5: Export the Database to the .sql file. You will need to click on the database in question and Export it
Step 6: Create an FTP Account (so you can upload the download files from Cloud ). To Create an FTP you will need to click on FTP Accounts
Step 7: Connect to the cPanel with the newly created FTP account
Step 8: Create a new Database (click on the MySQL Database Wizard)
Step 9: Once all the files are migrated you can log in to cPanel -> File Manger to connect the database to the site and you will need to: Click on the File Manager find the configuration file (for WordPress site - wp-config.php file) change the database with the newly created database details Please keep in mind that you need to change the host with localhost.
Step 10: Create a host file to test the site from the new server. A host file tricks your computer to display the websites on the NEW package in your browser, without being visible to other users.
Step 11: Update the DNS. DNS changes can take up to 24 hours to propagate for all users.**
Step 12: Keep in mind to migrate the emails.***


**DNS Once you are done testing you will need to point the site to the new server. You would need to use our client area my.tsohost.com nameservers - domains - my domains - click on the row with your domain name - Nameservers on the left-hand side.

Please find the scenarios:

  1. Your domain is registered with us, we offer a DNS zone in the client area you can use. (you will need to change name servers to ns1.tsodns.com / ns2.tsodns.com)
  2. Your domain is registered elsewhere, and you're using external nameservers you have two options below:

--> to transfer your domain name to us and we'll help you to manage the DNS changes --> to make all necessary changes and update your A and MX records with your current registrar

***EMAILS To migrate your emails from your old account you need to set up a mail client with the following settings:


If you are using Outlook for an email client, you can find out how to export your emails HERE

If you don't know how to set up an email client, please use the following article - HERE

Using a different email client – find additional articles on our Knowledge Base - HERE

After that, you need to recreate the email accounts in your cPanel, which can be done by login into your cPanel - Email Accounts -> Create a new email.

Once the email accounts have been recreated, you need to just set up the mail client to use the following settings:


Option B:

If you need help you can contact our support team to provide you with advice on how to migrate your site and emails. Please do not hesitate to reach out to our support team via ticket or live chat* from your Client Area - my.tsohost.com > Support > Open a new ticket

What are the required steps to migrate to another host?

  • Copy the files from the old Gridhost account to the new hosting package

Below you can find steps on how to download the files from the Gridhost platform.

  • Export the database from the old hosting package. Import it to the new.

A database usually stores your site’s data. It can be exported using the PHPMyAdmin tool which you can find in the Gridhost Control Panel. Once you are logged into PHPMyAdmin you will need to click on the database name and there is an export option.

  • Update the configuration

Within the files, there will be some configuration, which tells the website how to connect to the database. You have to update this once the files are uploaded to the new account and a new database is created and the backup file is imported into it.

How can I download a backup of my site/sites?

You can still log in to your cloud dashboard until the 10th of November 2022 > https://control.gridhost.co.uk/members/ From there simply navigate to 'manage website' > 'file manager' > 'backups' > extract the content from the latest date

You can use FTP or SSH to download the content. Here are useful articles for both below:

https://help.tsohost.com/knowledge-base/article/4538 - How to set up an FTP account

https://help.tsohost.com/knowledge-base/article/4400 - Secure Shell (SSH)

How can I download a backup of my site/sites after 10th of November?

You will need to contact the support teams to enable FTP access to your account for a LIMITED period of time so you can download your website content locally on your computer. Please make sure to provide your public IP address to the support teams in a ticket.

How can I retrieve my emails?

You can still log in to your cloud dashboard until the 10th of November 2022 > https://control.gridhost.co.uk/members/ From there simply navigate to 'manage website' > 'email accounts' > see all your mailboxes

If you are using an email client like Outlook, please use the following article - HERE

If you don't know how to set up an email client, please use the following article - HERE

Using a different email client – find additional articles on our Knowledge Base - HERE

What will happen to my payments for the Gridhost plan?

You will receive a refund for the remaining unused period. This will happen within 45 days after the 10th of November 2022 .

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