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Lift and Shift of Shared Hosting platforms

Updated Sep 29th at 14:37 BST

  1. What is Lift and Shift?
  2. Lift and shift is a process that we'll be performing to some of our shared platforms. Basically, this method would mean you will keep the same IP address and won’t have to make any changes to your DNS, tools or software. We will move the servers physically from one data centre to another.

  3. Would there be any downtime?
  4. Yes. The downtime on your server will be approximately 12 hours. During this time, you and your customers will be unable to access your website or emails.

  5. Will I be notified prior to the migration?
  6. Yes, we'll send you a notification 7 days ahead of the migration, confirming your specific date.

  7. Can I chose a certain timestamp for this process to take place?
  8. No. We'll be the ones that are deciding when a certain server should be moved.

  9. Can I re-schedule the process?
  10. No.

  11. Is it possible to cancel this process?
  12. No.

  13. Should I perform any changes once the process is complete?
  14. No action should be taken from your end, as you'll be staying on the same server (same IP address). No DNS changes will be required afterwards.

  15. Do I have any other options?
  16. Yes. You can purchase a hosting package from us and proceed with the migration on your own.

    All of our packages come with free migration Bundles. This means that our Migration department will perform the migration for you, for a certain amount of websites (depending on the number of bundles).
    Please check our Shared hosting plans here and our Business hosting solutions here.