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Create Cron jobs

Updated Apr 6th, 2021 at 14:29 BST

Cron is a standard cPanel feature that lets you schedule tasks, called "Cron Jobs," to run unattended at a specified frequency.

Note: You need to understand Linux commands to use Cron jobs effectively.

Go to your TsoHost Client Area: https://my.tsohost.com/clientarea.php Go to Services. Click on My Services. Select the cPanel service in question. Click on the Login to cPanel button. Click on the cPanel Admin button.

Once you are on the cPanel Home page, in the Advanced section, click Cron Jobs.

In the cPanel Cron Jobs page, enter the necessary information. Click Add New Cron Job.

For help, see the cPanel Cron Jobs feature documentation from here: https://docs.cpanel.net/cpanel/advanced/cron-jobs

More info: You can call PHP scripts for Cron Jobs by using the following in the Command field:

/usr/local/bin/php -q /home/[user name]/[path to the file] You can also Edit and Delete Cron jobs from this page.