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Legacy VPS Retirement FAQ

Updated Feb 8th at 13:13 GMT

When is this happening?

We will suspend all Legacy Virtual Private Servers on 27th June 2024.

Why is this happening?

As we grow our business and focus our resources on providing the best products and services for our customers, we are cutting back on products that, although once pioneering, are becoming obsolete as alternatives become available.

We now offer a range of managed Virtual Private Servers that will be a perfect alternative.

What is Fully Managed Server (FMS), and why should I switch to it?

FMS is our latest Virtual Private Server offering, providing enhanced features, improved performance, and better security. Migrating to FMS ensures you have access to the latest technology, the most popular operating systems and a more reliable hosting solution.

Fully Managed VPS features include

  • NVMe SSD drives
  • up to 1 Gbit/s uplink
  • 99.9% uptime guarantee
  • 24/7 monitoring and support
  • One click upgrade
  • Root access
  • Auto SSL
  • Automatic snapshot backups
  • Free performance updates
  • Multiple IPs

What level of support should I expect after I purchase an FMS server?

You can find out more about the FMS VPS level of support here.

If you think one of these solutions could work for you, our team would be happy to discuss your options and we may be able to provide a better rate than those advertised. We value you as a loyal customer and will do our best to keep you. You will find more information about the new plans and the migration process below.

The Migration Process

Step 1: To ensure the success of the migration, you need to make sure that your websites and server are up to date, we recommend that:

  • PHP versions greater than 7.4 are in use.
  • Content Management Systems (such as WordPress) are up to date, including any plugins.
  • Databases are clean and unnecessary content such as spam comments are removed.
  • Any errors or problems with websites are fixed before scheduling a migration.
  • Your websites do not contain suspicious files and are clean of malware.
  • You have your own backups of all content that is being migrated (including files, databases, mailboxes) and that these are stored off-site and not on the source or destination servers.

For the migration process to be initiated, you should also order the new Fully Managed Server, pay the invoice and complete the onboarding (build the server, choose name, password, etc.). In case you are not sure which product is the best fit, feel free to contact our support team.

Step 2: Our team will initiate the migration within 5 business days and update you so you can test your websites before any DNS changes are made. Our team is here to assist you throughout the transition process, and the best part is, it's completely free of charge. We're committed to making your move to FMS as seamless and hassle-free as possible. If we’re not able to migrate you within the specified timeframe due to our workload, we will notify you.

What is included in the free migration offering?

We will move entire control panel subscriptions from one server to another, this includes:

  • Website files and databases
  • Email accounts
  • SSL certificates

However, please note that there're some limitations to what can be migrated, such as:

  • We can only migrate to an FMS server with the same control panel (such as Plesk to Plesk, cPanel to cPanel). We use the tools supplied by each control panel provider to complete the migrations.
  • We can only migrate websites and subscriptions, not applications.
  • FMS is not suitable for customers who require a server to run custom server-side applications.

If on your current server you require a specific application to be installed, then please discuss this with our team before purchasing a server. This includes applications such as ImageMagick, ElasticSearch, or any other server-side application outside of your traditional Apache/NGINX, PHP and MySQL application stack.

Does the free migration to FMS include migrating my emails?

Yes, if your emails are currently hosted on your Plesk or cPanel VPS, then these can be migrated to your new Fully Managed Server. Larger mailboxes should be checked and reduced in size before migrating to avoid issues.

How do I contact the special Virtual Server support?

Open a Premium support ticket directly from your FMS VPS control panel (recommended)

Open a ticket through your client area

What do I do after the migration to make my websites live from the new FMS?

Our team will inform you when the migration has been completed. We will ask you to perform your own checks to ensure that the websites, this will involve making a change to your computer's hosts file, see here for information

If the DNS for the migrated domains are hosted with us, we can assist you with making the DNS change if you need it.

Will my IP address change after the migration?

Yes, you will receive a new IP address with your FMS VPS server. The primary IP of your current managed VPS server cannot be transferred.

Will I have access to my current Acronis backup?

No, FMS VPS does not support Acronis backup, but offers a daily snapshot of the entire server. Our team can assist you with configuring your own offsite backup solution within cPanel or Plesk.

What happens if your team is not able to process the migration or I'm not happy with the new Fully Managed Server?

We can arrange a full refund if you cancel your FMS within 30 days. You'll have to find a different solution with us or any other hosting company.

Billing Questions

Can I get any discounts for transitioning to the new FMS?

Yes! As a token of appreciation for your loyalty, we're offering exclusive discounts for the new Fully Managed Servers. These discounts are designed to make your transition even more cost-effective and can be applied for the first year on monthly or yearly contracts. Please contact our support team to find out if you qualify for a discount.

How do I take advantage of the discount?

Just contact our support team via ticket or live chat and confirm which FMS tier you're interested in so they can apply the discount for you.

Do I have to pay for both servers?

No, if you order a new FMS, we will stop the billing for the legacy server without suspending it until the migration is processed.

What if I would like to cancel my server before June 27th?

You don't have to wait until the retirement date, feel free to request a cancellation directly from Services >> My Services >> Active >> Request Cancellation. Just make sure you have a backup downloaded.

Will you offer a refund for the legacy server?

Yes, we will offer a pro-rata refund so if you've paid for a period after 27th June 2024, we will process a refund back to the payment method used. Don't hesitate to contact support if you have any questions.

Can I choose to move to a self-managed VPS or shared hosting?

Yes, you can choose any of our current hosting solutions, however, note that free migration is not included. You can either self-migrate or order paid migration.

What happens if I choose not to migrate to the new FMS?

If you choose not to migrate to FMS, your server will be suspended, and data will become inaccessible on 27th June. Make sure that you have exported a backup in advance.

Can I request an extension beyond the suspension date for my Legacy VPS?

Unfortunately, extensions cannot be granted beyond the specified suspension date (27th June). We highly recommend initiating the migration process as soon as possible and not waiting until the last moment to avoid service interruptions.

How do I get in touch if I have more questions or need additional assistance?

Our customer support team is ready to assist you. Feel free to open a ticket (of if you already have one, reply to it) and we will be happy to address any concerns. Live chat support is also available.