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High load issues on eris.servers.prgn.misp.co.uk

Resolved Sep 2nd, 12:48 - Sep 24th, 17:39 BST


Resolved5 months ago

This should now be fully resolved. Please excuse us about the inconvenience.

Fixing5 months ago

This is still re-occurring intermittently, unfortunately. We are still looking into a permanent fix for this.

Please excuse us about the inconvenience.

Monitoring6 months ago

The issue should be resolved but we are still monitoring the server. If you notice any issues please contact our support.

Fixing6 months ago

Unfortunately the issue re-appeared again.

Our System administrators are currently working on this.

Please excuse us again for the caused inconvenience.

Resolved6 months ago

The issue with the server has been resolved successfully.

Please feel free to contact our support channels if you still experience any issues.

Fixing6 months ago

We are experiencing intermittent high load issues on server eris.servers.prgn.misp.co.uk. Our System Administrators are working on resolving the load.

Please excuse us for the caused inconvenience.