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info_outline This incident is not connected to any specific service. Please check opposite for more details and risk to disruption.

For ex-Daily Internet customers - Migration

Resolved May 23rd, 09:20 - Jul 10th, 00:00 BST


Update10 months ago

For ex-Daily Internet customers - Migration -- click the Title for more info.

Update10 months ago

An update on the case.

The issues below should be resolved. Please once again excuse us about the inconvenience.

The only outstanding issue we are working on at the moment would be with Auto-Responders not being visible in the Client Area, thus you will not be able to edit/add/delete them.

If you spot anything else, do not hesitate to get in touch!

Fixing10 months ago

We are aware of multiple bugs after the migration and currently we are working on fixing them. Here are some of them that you might spot.

We would like to clarify that all the services are working at the moment. All the websites, forwarders, emails are working, but at the moment some of them are not editable. This is something we are currently working on.

PowerPanel ---> Currently the login page for Power Panel will not work as we encountered an issue with integrating this to the TSO system. This should not affect any of the live websites or emails that you have, it will simply restrict you from logging in.

Some Instant Website Builders/eShops ---> On some Website Builders/eShops you won't be able to see the login URL. This should not affect the websites and they should continue working as they were before. If you spot any issues with the websites, let us know and we can assist.

Webmail ---> Currently on some accounts the link to webmail might be missing from the Client Area, you can use this link --> https://webmail.daily.co.uk/src/login.php

Forwarder ---> On some accounts there might be missing forwarders and they might not be visible for the moment.

Card Payments ---> Currently on some accounts you might not be able to add your credit/debit card for payments.

We are terribly sorry about the inconvenience. Currently we have our teams working on this and we will keep you posted here. If you spot anything else, please do let us know.