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Editing text block in the Website Builder editor

Updated Oct 31st, 2017 at 12:41 GMT

Working with Text Blocks 


  1. Click anywhere in the text to open the text for editing 
  2. Copy the text block. Copied items appear at the top of editor window and can be dragged onto any page. 
  3. If the text block is within a column, this icon opens the column settings 
  4. Drag the text block to a different place on the page 
  5. Delete the text block 

The text editor 


You can cut and paste text content from other sources (e.g. word processor or email) into the text editing window. 

  1. Edit text as HTML 
  2. Style menu - use this to apply styles like heading 1, heading 2 etc. 
  3. Text size. Using this may have unpredictable results so you should use the style menu as far as possible 
  4. Paragraph alignment 
  5. Text foreground and background colour 
  6. Text formatting (bold, italic, strikethrough)
  7. Bullet lists and numbered lists 
  8. Add a link 
  9. Add an image 
  10. Text truncation - limit the amount of text displayed and show a 'more...' button to allow the user to expand the text