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Transferring your blog from WordPress.com to the Website Builder

Updated Oct 31st, 2017 at 12:35 GMT

Transferring your blog content across from WordPress.com to our Website Builder is really easy to do.

  1. Log in to your WordPress.com site and go to Tools, then click Export.
  2. You'll then be offered the choice between paying for the export or doing it yourself for free. Choose the free option.
  3. Select the content that you want to export as an XML file. WordPress lets you select content by category or time frame, or alternatively you can export your entire blog content in one file.
  4. Hit Download Export File. This will download your content to your computer as an XML file.
  5. Log into your Website Builder editor and go to Blog, then WordPress Import.
  6. Website_Builder_Update_Blogimport.JPG
  7. Hit Choose File and select the XML file which you just downloaded from WordPress.com
  8. Decide whether you want the content to go live on your site straight away or whether you want it to stay as a draft. When you're happy with your option, hit Import.

Note: depending on the size of your XML file, the import may take a few minutes.