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How can I set up a cron job in cPanel?

Updated Oct 31st, 2017 at 12:14 GMT

If you would like to set up a cron job via your cPanel, you just need to log on to your cPanel account and select Cron Jobs from the Advanced options box:

From here, just input your con job command settings in the box and select to 'Add New Cron Job'

When adding an cron job it is also a good idea to set the system to send you an email when the cron runs – this is quite helpful as if there are any issues with the cron running then the system will send you an email with the error that caused the cron not ro run correctly which can help to assist in diagnosing any problems.

If you cannot see the cron jobs option on your cPanel account, then let us know and we can ensure it is activated for you.