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Daily Windows to Plesk and Professional email migration FAQ

Updated Jan 11th at 10:41 GMT

Daily Windows Hosting migration to Plesk control panel and Professional Email

Why are you migrating my websites?

We're retiring Daily Windows Hosting, and migrating your websites to our latest hosting platform. This includes all-new server hardware with NVMe SSDs, ASP, PHP, Plesk control panel (Windows / .net) and many other optimisations to dramatically improve page load times and reliability.

When will my migration happen?

We will send 30 days of communication starting on 16th March and afterward a follow-up 7 days prior to the migration will go. We aim to start the migration around the 18th of April 2022 and once done you will receive the final third email with thorough details and instructions if required.

Can I reschedule my migration?

Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate requests to reschedule individual migrations.

Will my websites experience any downtime during the migration?

The majority of websites will be migrated with minimal downtime of up to 30 minutes on the day of the migration. This may take a little longer for websites with large files and database sizes.

Will the cost of my plan increase because of this migration?

Your package will be migrated to the closest Plesk plan corresponding to your current usage, and your email accounts will be migrated to our Professional Email service.

Will I need to take any action after the migration?

Once the migration has been completed, if you have a domain or multiple domains using our nameservers, we will attempt to update your DNS records to point to the migrated server. If we can do this, there will be no post-migration actions for you.

If we cannot update your DNS (for example, your DNS is not hosted with tsoHost), we’ll send you instructions of what you need to do once the migration has been completed.

Your old IP address will continue to work for only a short period of time after the migration. We will require you to take immediate action once you receive the post-migration emails to ensure there is no loss of connectivity to your site.

If you are using an email client, such as Outlook, Thunderbird, or Mac mail, you will also need to update your server settings immediately after the migration. You will receive the details with your 7 days follow up email.

Can I make changes to my sites during the time of the migration?

Yes. All changes will be applied.

What is Plesk control panel

Plesk control panel is one of the most popular server control panels available, providing a comprehensive website hosting platform that brings everything you need to manage your websites, technical features, security options, and automation tools—all into one place. You can find more details here .

What is Professional Email

Professional Email is a business email account that gives you an email address that matches your domain and business name like info@yourbusinessname.com. Our solution is built on Open-Xchange - a professional email system with inbuilt productivity and collaboration functionality. You can find more details and articles about how to set up your email accounts on various email clients in our Knowledge Base .

If you have more questions but can't find the answers here, you can check out our Knowledge Base or reach to our support 9AM – 5PM Monday to Friday.